On the radio!





Kidical Mass Spokes Cards

New readers, welcome! If you’re here because you learned about us on this morning’s segment of Local Talk on KHOI, I’m happy you found us!

I had the pleasure of talking with Greta Anderson on KHOI FM this morning about Kidical Mass and how the rides got started and what a typical ride entails. It was a lot of fun to see a radio show being produced and being in a sound studio – a first for me. I mostly spoke about the rides and what we do but I would love to have a conversation about being a ride organizer some time as well. There’s so much that goes into the planning and growing of a community event and I never would have expected to be in this role were it not for the awesome community of bike advocates I’ve met in person and online. Maybe a conversation for another time.

For now, I hope to see many of you new to Kidical Mass out on Saturday as we meet up for the first ride of the year! We’ll meet at Brookside Park at 10am and ride from there to Bandshell Park, where children can play and adults can chat. If you want to bring a snack or lunch and a picnic blanket you’ll be in good company.

Questions about the ride? Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page or show up on Saturday and ask it in person! See you there!


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