2016 Ride Schedule!


We are ready for another season of biking with our kids!!! Join us for the 2016 Ames Kidical Mass rides. Our rides are FREE, friendly, and family-oriented. We ride at a pace that accommodates cyclists of all ages and skill levels and we end at family-friendly destinations such as parks, the Ames downtown farmer’s market, coffee shops, etc. The goal is to get families and kids out and riding. We want everyone to feel comfortable taking the road and navigating Ames by bicycle.

This year we plan to ride to some of the local Ames events thus the schedule will vary a bit.  Most rides will start in Brookside Park. Look for updates on FB.

5/14/16 10:00 Brookside to TBA
6/4/16 there will be 3 rides all starting at 2:30pm with final destination Campustown for SummerFest event :
1. Bandshell Park, 2. Ames Middle school and 3. Moore Park as starting locations
7/4/16 Ride in the 4th of July Parade–start time TBA
8/6/16 10:00 Brookside Park to Downtown Farmers Market
8/20/16 Back to school ride Brookside to Meeker Elementary School
9/17/16 10:00 Brookside to TBA
10/22/16 10:00 Brookside to TBA
10/29/16 10:00 Brookside to Wheatsfield. Halloween Ride.

Questions about our rides? Learn more about them on our ABOUT page. Check out additional family cycling sites and blogs HERE and find us on Facebook for up-to-date information on each month’s ride.

Happy cycling!

October Kidical Mass




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