May’s ride in pictures




Our May ride was our first ride of the 2015 season and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day or a better destination. Our group met at Bandshell Park and rode through the Historic Old Town neighborhood on to the Roosevelt Neighborhood, finally ending at Brookside Park. It was a leisurely ride with quite a few kids riding on their own. And for the first time since starting these community rides – we had an officer from the Ames Police Department accompany us by bike! Thank you, office Cole! And a thanks to the Ames PD for supporting local events and providing an enthusiastic and encouraging presence. We hope to see more officers on bikes join our group rides in the coming months.

As for our destination – we rode to the Ames Progressive Picnic hosted by the newly-formed Ames Progressive Alliance. There was food, live music by the talented musician Paul Doffing (also an avid cyclist – check out his Freedom from Fuel Tour!), and a lively conversation about local issues and positive change. And a vintage Ames pedicab!









A huge thank you to the Ames Bicycle Coalition for collaborating with us on May’s ride and reaching out to the Ames PD and being generally awesome to work with! We’re so excited for this coming summer and the rides to come. Our goal remains to make Ames a more safe, fun, green, and enjoyable place to live. Which means more bike rides, more collaborations, more events, and more general awareness about the importance of bike infrastructure and sustainable transportation. And parks and playgrounds and people who care about living in places surrounded by those things. If that’s you – come out and join us for June’s ride!

NEXT RIDE: Saturday June 27th, 10am start at Brookside Park, final stop: Ames Main Street Farmer’s Market


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