July’s Bikes and Firetrucks Ride


Our July ride took us from the antique firetruck at Brookside Park to a bells-and-whistles firetruck at the Ames fire station on 13th. Our group rode to the fire station where the firefighters invited us in to tour their building and learn about what it means to be a firefighter in our community. We learned about their days (24 hour shifts!), their responsibilities, their firetrucks, and their protective gear. The kids as well as the adults enjoyed the tour as you can surely see:

IMG_8189 IMG_8192 IMG_8193 IMG_8198 IMG_8205 IMG_8217
IMG_8223 IMG_8226 IMG_8228

THANK YOU, Ames Fire Department, for welcoming our group today and for the fun and informative session! Ames locals, if you missed today’s ride and tour, feel free to contact the Ames Fire Department directly as they offer tours (at no cost) to community members by request.

Our next ride will be on Sunday Aug 9th to end at the last Roosevelt Summer Series concert of the season. Details to come!

Happy cycling!


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