Safe Routes To School Action Items

Following Tuesday’s Safe Routes to School Community Meeting, we sent the following email to everyone who attended:


Dear neighbors and friends,
Again, thanks to those of you who were able to attend the Safe Routes to School meeting at Ames Public Library.
It is a beginning.  We have a lot of work to be done.  After our Tuesday evening meeting, I followed up with Sandra Looft (Kidical Mass) and Sarah Cady (Ames Bicycle Coalition) and we decided to focus on three items that came up on Tuesday evening that have potential for more immediate results.
1. Look into the crossguard issues–how to get more cross guards and keep them placed in key locations consistently. 
Talk to the police who organize this and look at how some other communities nearby have good outcomes.
2. Find a solution–temporary at best, for getting kids across Duff Ave. at 20th St. safely from east to west and west to east.  It will be great when there are more major infrastructure changes made.  For now, it just seems that some sort of safe crossing there is reasonable and necessary.  
3. Find parents at the elementary schools to get involved with the “walking school bus”  concept. Start with this and build up to biking to school safely.  Get teachers and PTO on board too.
 Any and all suggestions and hands-on support are welcomed!  For me, it’s all about making Ames a better community for all of us.
Elizabeth Wentzel
Ames Bicycle Coalition
Ames Kidical Mass
October 5th is International Walk/Bike to School Day!  More to come!

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